Our Story

Hi Guys! I am Auntie Tay. I started video blogging a while back but got real serious about it in 2013 when I decided to focus on my passion of crafting and helping people learn how to make things! I throw in a lot of other fun and I still have a vlog channel you can check out if you would like...

I met me high school sweetheart when I was 15 and all though we had a lot of work to do on ourselves, God knew there was a story he wanted to tell in shaping our world. All though we have been through the ringer we have come a long
way. We brought 2 beautiful girls into the world in 2006 and started a journey... Check out my vlog episodes for more fun on our family.

I have a background in photography, and graphic design, all though my passion is shooting videos. I hope to grow a ton of friends through my adventures and maybe meet some of you along the way.

Above all, I choose to honor God through my life, my blog and my family. He comes first through everything and I try my hardest to live by my life verse. Micah 6:8 which states to Seek Justice, Walk Humbly, and Love Mercy... :)


Auntie Tay

To learn more about these crazies click their pics! :) 



  1. Great Job! Thank you for sharing your DYI's!

  2. Hello!! I love your blog! Yesterday I found your video on chalk paint with baking soda! I did my piece of furniture, but I'm unsure what to seal it with!! Can help with suggestions?? I painted it with a cream colored acrylic paint and tried to seal a small spot with Americana Decor Ultra-Matte Varnish but it turned an ugly yellow color!! Like an old newspaper!! Any suggestions of what to try next? Thanks!!

  3. You have an amazing, powerful story, even though it's a quick one. Thank you for being the person God made you to be. You are a wonderful person - make that that your whole family is. You have inspired me so much. Again, thank you. -Gemma G. (GemzMyLens♥)

    1. Awe, thank you so much. This makes me smile that I can be an encouragement to you. :) God bless girl!

  4. Hi there! I'm thinking about getting a Cricut for my twin business and came across one of your videos on youtube. Are your girls twins? Looking forward to checking out your DIY videos and learning more!

  5. Hi there! I have a quick question, where do you get the black and white foam you use to make the Mickey ears and what brand is it????? I’ve been to a few place and can’t seem to find it :( Hope you can help and thank you for your time!

  6. Hi . I have a question.. I have been on the verge of purchasing the cricut maker for several weeks now.. Every time i start to purchase another question raises in my mind.. I would like to print t shirts signs, mugs and so forth.. My son brought up the issue of copyright. How do i avoid any issues with that . thank you