Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Wieght loss Journey!

I was on a journey to lose 20lbs before I had my first daugher (Landice). To my Surprise, I shortly found out I was pregnant and that idea fell out the window. I slowly began to gain weight and never threw up so every calorie stuck to my flesh like sea scallops on a rock... EWE.

1st pregnancy = 43lbs gained...
My average weight is 120 + 22 (the ones I wanted to lose) + 43lbs = 185 on my due day! YIKES!!!

1st week after pregnancy = loss of 19lbs.... only 46lbs to go!!!

Well, I studied calories and was super determined! I did it... I lost over 60lbs and was feeling good! :)


I was fit, I was ready... and then we cancelled our gym membership from my 3rd to my 7th month of pregnancy....

I was a lot smaller but I still gained 45lbs! BLAH!!!!!

Pre-baby weight = 122 + 45 = 167

weight lost after 1st week... 17 lbs.... STILL 150!!!!

I am now down to 133 and am taking a 60 day vow of 1200 cals consumed and 200 cals exerted through workout... I will update every few days!

GOAL: 115! in 60 days.... that's 18lbs!!!!! I CAN DO IT!

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