Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Let's be Slave Drivers!

So... Landice came home yesterday with a lizard, and as much as I wanted to keep it, I couldn't justify spending over $50 on all the equipment to keep the "free" little pet, without her earning it first. So after a trip to the pet store, a talk with Daddy, and my heart being melted by all the cute little animals, I have officially decided it is time for my kids to get a pet! Woo Hoo! I am a good mom finally... Right?

Well, hold on, It's not that easy... It wouldn't be my style to just buy my kids an animal without turning it into some sort of character building moment right? Well, let's do that. I told my kids this morning that they could choose a bird, or a bunny, BUT, they had to earn it. Which makes more work for me since their chore/Behavior charts are a little outdated. So I was strictly instructed by Landice to have their chore charts done by the time I pick them up today at 3:00pm. I figure since I will be slave driving them, I could respect her wishes and get it done :). So I did!!! Yeah, good mom check!

We have tried the Dave Ramsey's plan but since they have a new one and I am always a fan of just doing things myself, I created one that follows the same guidelines but is a little different. Watch my video to see how exactly to use this little guy! Thanks for reading and Print your free chart today! :)

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