Monday, September 22, 2014

Beauty Pageants Kill Little Girls

This man to me speaks more for feminism than many women's arguments I have heard recently. I have always been against pageants and the message they send to little girls. Just the mere fact that we judge 20 seconds worth of these women's thoughts is so degrading in itself. This video does a great job of expressing the feelings I have towards pageants.

Long story short, put your child in a team sport so they can learn not only self worth, but build a sense of team and community, rather than isolation and competing with their looks.

Explanation of my title: We are killing little girls by putting them in this materialistic world. In order to let girls live to the fullest we need to teach them that self worth should be built from the inside out, and any person who only gives them 20 seconds of their time, but will stare at them for hours is killing them from the outside in.

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