Wednesday, September 2, 2015

 I am SO happy with how these turned out. I asked last week which you would want to see first and the majority of you voted for couple/Bff shirts. After I finished with these all I wanted to do was design more. So I will be working on a new series for another round of these soon, I will also be putting up FAMILY SHIRTS next week for Walt Disney Wednesday. CLICK HERE FOR THE FREE PRINTABLE Watch the video to see how I made them and thanks to my awesome niece who made these tye dye shirts for this project.

And don't forget to enter my 5K Giveaway Details in Monday's video on my Youtube channel.

So can you imagine walking around the park with your BFF or boyfriend/girlfriend in these yet? If not what would you like to see? I can't wait to make more designs for you guys and maybe even spot some in the park when we are there in November.


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