Friday, January 29, 2016

Sell ALL THE THINGS! VarageSale App Review

I am so excited to be on a new journey of Minimalism! So when Varagesale asked me to review their app I was super excited to start selling all my things!

I instantly started with the things I KNEW needed to go... and have them all listed on the app already. I made my first sale and as soon as I link up to Facebook I am sure I will have lots more people swarming to make my "trash" into their treasure :)

I have included both my review of Varagesale and the first vlog. (Don't mind my vlogs, they are very impromptu ramblings of my adventure... But they are fun to me!)

So I will be sharing my next 9 months <<< He he (Did I scare anyone?) with you guys as I "Travel" to 30! I am working on my body, my mind and my soul... I have been reflecting a lot on my 20's and honing in on the things I want to bring into my 30's, and things I want to let go.... CLUTTER is one I am for sure letting go of!

If you want to start this journey with  me subscribe to my vlog channel and my Auntie tay channel :) I would love to hear where you are starting and will be introducing you to my steps next week. Love you guys.


I would like to add more pictures to each item.

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