Wednesday, June 1, 2016

New Mickey Ear Fabric Coming this Summer!

I am so excited to be sharing my new Mickey Ear fabric this summer! Every Wednesday I will be releasing 3 new pairs! These kits will be available July 1st but presales will be up next week. I will be showing them at Vidcon at the Auntie Tay booth as well. Here is a sneak peak to next weeks debut of Ariel. (There will be 2 others as well!)

These kits are made to be so easy and awesome! All you need is a quarter yard of fabric designed by yours truly, some embellishments and a headband. I will be sharing all the embellishments each set comes with.


  1. LOVE THESE!!! I need one for next month, my Ariel lover will die over these :)

  2. Where can I get them? My Girl NEEDS these!

  3. Where are those headbands from? Love these!