Saturday, July 16, 2016

My July Cricut Favorites!

JULY FAVORITES!!! (Each month I will add some cute projects I fell in love with! Just click the images to be taken to the projects. 

JULY - This month I am so into GOLD! So the projects I picked all had a little bit of sparkle in them :) Hope everyone had an awesome 4th! 

Make Cute coffee mugs - Kim Byers Shows you how to make these step by step :)

Bridal Party Towels (You could make these for the whole family too!) Perfect for minimalism, and organization - 2 of my favorite words right now. 

You know I love some onesies! This is a purchasable printable on Etsy, but how cute!!! You can do any number for a fun Birthday shirt!

I have shown you laptop decals, but how cute are they in the GOLD FOIL? This is a purchasable decal BUT how easy would this be to make? 

And finally, you know how much I love me some DIY pillows. These are for purchase but you all know we can make these for much less :) I have a DIY tutorial in my CRICUT playlist at the top > Check it out! :)


<3 Tay


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  2. I have trouble being precise enough with foil. I haven't searched your page yet for tips tho!

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