Friday, August 7, 2009

Keys to counting

Okay so here are some tips to counting and staying encouraged....

Map out your day ahead of time. Choose what you are going to eat and try to span it out over the whole day.

Weigh, don't assume... Get a scale that weighs food. You will learn that serving sizes are pretty much always off on nutrition facts. Go by the oz.

Weigh yourself in the morning at the same time... Wait till after you have pooped and you will feel even better. :)

Figure out your hungriest time and rack cals for that meal.... example, If I am hungriest at lunch, I will eat 100-150 cals for breakfast so I can eat 450-600 cals for lunch....

Break it down.... don't go over....

1200 calorie diet=

4 300 calorie meals
3 400 calorie meals

3 300 calorie meals 3 100 calorie snacks
3 300 calorie meals 1 100 cal snack 1 200 cal snack

You get it...

WRITE IT DOWN!!!! (THIS IS THE KEY) keep a little book with you and jot everything down, is a good place to look up anythings calories.

If you don't know how many cals are in something DON'T eat it!!!! If you eat something and then realize there are a lot more cals than you thought, you will get discouraged.

Get calorie smart... learn calories in everything!

Cut back on the simple things, I.E. Cheese, mayo, oil.... you will learn you can stay full, and eat more if you just sacrifice a little bit.

If all else fails, eat a pickle! only about 5 cals and vinegar is good for burning fat. :)

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