Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I'm the fat one in the front... LOL, No, I am not fat... but I am wanting to lose 10.4lbs (15 one day)

Okay people... It is time for me to get SERIOUS!!! LOL, ok, at least I am basically starting where I ended here... We went on a cruise and I gained 8! Pounds!!!! BUT, that was over 4 months ago and I have failed to get it off!!!!! So here is Day 1... And a pic to go with it!

Weight = 130.4
My new workout = 10 songs of Just dance! Or an hour of cardio at the gym...

Breakfast -

Smores Poptart - 200 cals

Mc Chicken - 320 (- mayo -40) 280
Value Fries - 230

Mac n Cheese - 150
2 pop tarts 400
(holy moly today was unhealthy... but this is my point)

Total: 1300 (100 over!) EEK but my dances will make up for it ;)

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