Monday, May 7, 2012

It is TIME!

WELL, It has been 2 year since I started this blog and where am I??? 132.5 lbs! (Since last week) I weigh in tomorrow... (I have lost 4 lbs in the last month)  Oh my goodness... After reading this blog and realizing I have been on a diet for 2 years and just NEVER stuck to it... I am going at it!!! This time I am going big! I am going try to do a video update every month (WARNING - I SUCK at sticking to  making videos) But I am really going to try...

I signed up as an IT WORKS consultant... DANG IT, I told myself I wasn't going to sign up for another "Business" type thing ever again, especially since I am locked into the launch of a career that I am absolutely IN LOVE with... (His Life photography, and Magazine)

BUT - Losing weight it ALWAYS On my mind... and this isn't a money making thing for me... I simply signed up so that I can get the discounted prices... but if you want to order from the site or sign up under me be my guest :)

SO - I guess this is technically me first Product test... I have been following a ton of It works people for a while and the pictures are amazing... we will see, but like I said... I really am going to try to keep videos going, and I will be letting you know the results as well as maybe get a few friends to help as well :)

Thanks, and I am REALLY going to stick to this!

I will be back tomorrow for Weigh in day...

P.S. I am writing this from McDonalds! Bahahaha....

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  1. Ive been following different people doing wraps as well! And I am totally interested! I spoke to a consultant at the Sac JBF but was nursing at the time and just didnt feel comfortable doing this just yet. But Im tired of feeling the way I do. Im excited to follow your journey!!! Best of luck, Tanea. =0)