Saturday, August 18, 2012

15 Things That are Making Me Feel Freakin Old!

So my daughter started Kindergarten and I can't help but feel old. I know I am still super young, but I feel technology has transformed so quickly that all of us 80's kids are left to feel like we were stuck in a time machine and stopped not quite at "The future" But definitely has left our childhood in the dust!

So to pay tribute to all the other 80's kids who are now watching their own children grow up, I have put together this fun little group of reminders of our past!

1. - How can you forget the tickling feeling of these "Awesome Skates" for parents on a budget! They GREW with your child! Haha, can you remember the sound!?

2. - Our version of on the go television... You get 4 channels, they are always the same episodes! Hey it even had a handle to take it with you!

3. Ever remember your mom puting GREEN lipstick on? No worries! It turns pink! - WHO DOES THAT? - Thanks Wet N Wild

4. We all remember Nintendo - But what was your favorite way to get your game to keep working? Blowing in it? Wiggling it back and forth, saying a prayer, turning around 3 times and then??? - come on! You know you totally did it!

 5. Totally Hair Barbie! Enough said!

6. An imitation record player... YES!!!

7. UH... Mr. Sketch? Yes, perfect way to get us kids NOT to smell our markers... thank you for promoting a new drug craze... My fav was Grape!

8. Teddy Ruxpin - I loved this guy! And Cricket and Grubby too!

9. Popples! - These really do need to come back! my kids would love them!

10. My buddy! - You know you are singing the song from the commercial!

11. Glow worms - :)

12. - Girl Talk??? Or...

13. Talk Girl??? - YES! It recorded on a cassette!

14. Tamagotchi's - You know your mom wouldn't let you take it to school and when you got home the thing was dying in a screen of poop!

15. The First form of text messaging! - But you had to be within 5 feet of each other!

 There you have it, 15 things from my childhood that are completely obsolete...

What are your favorites???

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