Wednesday, August 22, 2012

25 Gifts for 25 people... :) Stage 1 of Handmade Christmas

I usually dedicate my fall crafting towards Christmas presents. Whether it be gathering ideas or actually making crafts, I like to start early so I know when the day comes I will have all my handmade gifts available for my loved ones. 

I have 1 major rule: Craft with a purpose... Fall Purpose - Gifting with a WOW factor! 

I usually make a few and buy a few, but this year it will be ALL MADE! - And I am going to bring you along with me! 

So how to start planning for a Handmade Christmas...  (You may think it is early, but I like to keep the creative mind open to ideas long before it is time to sit and craft them) 

Step 1: List
Step 2: Budget 
Step 3: Plan 

Homemade gifts for christmas 3 
homemade gifts for christmasIf you don't do these 3 steps, you will most likely fail at this. Not because you are a failure, but because without these first 3 steps, you will fall into the category of people rushing around stores searching for the sold out toys and items that are overly priced and do NOT have the wow factor... 

Step 1: - LIST: List of people you will need to get gifts for this Christmas (The fun thing about crafting, is usually there are leftover supplies so you can add more people at little to no extra cost)
If I was buying gifts, I would usually stop at Immediate family and only do cards, but that would make this project not very good... so let's go for it!  

Here is my General List (Names spared to protect the innocent - we wouldn't want anything to be spoiled) 

Landice (#1) - 5 Year old - 6 at Christmas
Brylie  (#2) - 3 year old
Mother In Law
Father In Law
Brother In Law 
Sisters (2) 
Nieces (4) Ages - 18,16,13,12
Nephews (2) Ages - 13, 7 
Grandma (My kids great Grandma) 
Aunt (My aunt) 
Landice's Teacher 
Best friend and baby (2)
Couple Friends (3) 

STEP 2: BUDGET - I usually budget by each individual person, but this year I am setting 1 number and hoping to stay under for the entire thing. 

My Budget: $300 

So you can decide when you want to actually spend the your budget, I find that the earlier I spend it, the more I spend. - A good time would be late October - Right before crafting actually begins. 

STEP 3: PLAN - You will need to have a small notebook to jot down ideas as they come to you. I love but I am not always being inspired in front of the computer. Keep a list handy with you so you can write ideas often. 

Plan crafting days - Set them on the calendar. - I like to have a few friends over who are working on projects and have a whole craft day. If you plan 3 in 3 months it is very doable. 

You will want to have a list of your projects ready - Our next date to work on is buying your supplies. 

If we aim for Mid October - that gives almost 2 months to save for Christmas supplies.

So are you ready??? 

Stay tuned for Stage 2 as well as fun things men can make for gifts! 

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