Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Weight Loss Game

So I have FINALLY started chipping away at my goal yet again. I lost about 6lbs last year and have managed to keep it pretty steady. I have come up with a way to kick my butt into gear before the Holidays so I can embrace them with much anticipated Love! (Like I do!) I couldn't help but share the love! -To see how to use my printable game and hear more about my personal goals watch my video 

(Video Link will be here as soon as it is finished being made)

I have 12.6 lbs to go!

I designed this game for anyone who likes to see progress right away and likes to play games! I love to win when I play so by using this strategy I can't help but try to get points!

Basically you earn points for doing things that will help you lose weight! On top of it, you set aside rewards for yourself for more incentive to stick to the game! (I share my examples in my video) 

Here are some TIPS for even better results!
Go Digital - Get a digital scale and weigh EVERYDAY! - If your scale weighs (156.2) for example you can clearly see progress everyday! If you simply cut out 400 - 600 calories from your diet everyday you will most likely see this number decrease by .2-.3 a day! If that doesn't keep you motivated then I don't know what will! :) - Weight every morning when you wake up - (Lowest number of the day will start you off feeling great!) Stay consistent on date and weigh in commando! :)

Educate yourself - Don't put anything in your mouth unless you know the amount of calories that are in it. There is nothing like downing a muffin and thinking it has 200 calories only to find later that it's more like 600. This one thing can prevent you from losing your .2 lbs for the day.

Get Competitive - Have a friend play the game with you, loser buys winner lunch!

Write it down! - Write down EVERYTHING that has a calorie that goes into your body. Believe me, you will forget the handful of M&M's you grabbed off your friends desk if you go to write it down later. Carry a notebook or download a fitness app FOLLOW ME: I use My Fitness Pal and you can follow me - Tetetakneea 

Don't Guess! - learn portion sizes and stick to them! A food scale is the best but try not to go over.

Underestimate - Underestimate your workout - and try not to eat the calories you worked off or try to stick to eating half of what you work off. When you are trying to lose weight Food is about 70% of what will help, when you have reached your goal, exercise is a fabulous way to maintain, but when actively losing weight, Use your diet to gauge how much you are losing, Use exercise as a bonus boost! (Make sure to exercise either way, because sissy lala's are not cute! - Make sure to life weights More muscle mass = More caloric burn)

Drink H20 - start your day with water and end it with water  at least! Don't drink anything else until you get a glass of water down! I mean it! Do it!

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