Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentines Extravaganza!

View the rest of our photos from this shoot on my photography page HERE

With a little help from my husband as well as my 2 beautiful girls, we got all of our valentines shoot ideas done just before V-day! We planned to shoot these for our custom valentine bookmarks we are making for our friends this year. You can purchase customized through our ETSY SHOP HERE.

 We started this project with a fun "Kissing booth" made out of an old palette! I just love palette projects, so of course when I eyed 4 in the garbage near our house I jumped on it! We basically took the planks off the top, formed a box and attached 2 vertical boards upright with 2 across for the top. (Sorry for not taking pics of the steps but I did think to capture my hubby in action.  

The first prop I made was the banner. I originally planned to make it out of fabric but the valentines felt was on sale and matched so I always prefer to save a dime... Each sheet made 3 triangles. (Fold in half and cut as shown). I then attached them together with cute ribbon we found in the dollar spot at Target.WOO HOO, love the dollar spot, that's also where we snagged the tin mailboxes, heart pencils, tin buckets and gift wrap. The nice thing about the felt is it doesn't need anything to hold it against the wood, it sticks and can be repositioned nicely. 

The next step I made was the SIMPLE TOWEL APRONS! All you need is a piece of ribbon, a towel (2 for $3.00 at target) and a sewing machine (Or you can sew by hand if you choose) - Simply baste along the towel, pull to ruffle and then attach to the ribbon! SIMPLE SIMPLE!  

Now the pants and the shirt, I just took the mix and match pants and shirts from Target ($5.00/pc) and attached a ruffle to the feet and the wrists. I just used one of the towels for the feet and some ribbon I found at Joann's on sale for $1.00! (The ribbon was wired so I pulled the wire out to make it sewable). 
To sew the ribbon, I just baste a strip of fabric and attach it to the hem (Right sides together) - View picture

For the bows, we used the wired ribbon from Joann's (Wire taken out). See the below photo for simple assembly. You can do this by hand. When finished attach to a hairband, headband, clip, or bobby pin.

Garbage by our House: 0.00
Joanns: (Felt, Ribbon,) $6.00
Target: (Shirt, Pants, Towels, Ribbon, Props) $32.00

Total Cost of this shoot:

ENJOY OUR VALENTINES PHOTOS AND HAPPY V-DAY from HIs Life Photography and 2 Kids and Losing it! :D

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