Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Let's blog everyday in April!

Blog everyday in April (Day 1)
Since I VIRTUALLY have NO time to get a video up, I am vowing to blog everyday this month! Whether is just a little thought of something or an in depth article, I WILL DO IT! 

So today: 

Even Pastor's Wives want to Have Nice Bootays - 
Yes this may sound random, and a little weird, but as I sit writing this, my butt feels as if I was hit with a sludge hammer.. WHY? you ask? Well... about a week or 2 ago, I had a major epiphany... my butt has been neglected :( 

Somewhere in my life of being a mom, a wife, a friend, a back to school goer, I have left my behind in the past (Literally)... And this is NOT OKAY! Haha, no really it is, but it SO isn't! 

I went to try on some swimsuits for an upcoming vacation our family is going on and I found the cutest suit I have been eyeballing on the web for quite a while. Lo and behold, after putting it on, I was amazed at the fact that it actually looked pretty good!........... WELL... until I turned around....... "UHM, what is this????" I thought silently. I have NEVER had to worry about this area. My belly, YES, but this swimsuit covers that, but my bootay??!? NOoooooOOOoooooOOOooo.... :( 

SO... I made a decision right then and there! My butt is getting it's butt kicked! I quickly wrote up a morning AND evening butt routine to add to my oh so not busy life. (SARCASM ALERT)... My point? This little workout took me 15 minutes yesterday morning, and MAN... IT WORKS! 

SO after all that, my point is... HERE... Do it too, so you can get your booty burnin! 

 I skipped this morning because I didn't realize it was good enough to make an every other day thing. 

WRITE THIS ON A STICKY NOTE and do it before you shower in the morning or at night

30 Lunges both sides (Continual without stopping, GOOD form!) 
Good form is the key to everything, if you don't know what good form is USE A MIRROR!)
Use a slow contual motion to lunge down and then up as you switch legs tighten your glutes (that's your butt) 

30 Side Squats (15 on each side) 
Lets see... how do I explain these? Keep one foot stationary as your lean into the other foot with your butt pushing backward. All your weight should be on one foot... and then switch. 

30 Regular Squats 

1 Minute Plank 
(Push up position, hold for one minute - Keep your butt and legs tight the whole time) 

10 Push ups 

15 Burpees 
(Crouch down and jump into push up position, bring your legs back under you and spring up with your arms straight up) Repeat - add a push up if you are extra cool! 

30 Jumping Jacks 

30 Jumping Squats (Squat and then power jump into the air - If you need to take a break you have to return to squat position) 

30 Heel presses 
On your hands and knees, lift one leg at a 90 degree angle up to the sky, If you want you can make your leg straight too, just make sure to squeeze your glutes!!! 

OKAY, that's it! Do it every other day until your satisfied! And then keep doing it :) NO MORE NEGLECTING OUR BEHINDS!!!! 

I will try to make a video to go along with this so you can see just how much little yet hard effort this takes, if you do it, you will see results...

Auntie Tay :) 

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