Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Am I a dumb blogger or a Serious blogger?

Blog everyday in April (Day 2)

Today I sit pondering ideas to blog for my 2nd day, while the sound of Frozen rings through the house for what has to be the 50th time this week. I let the kids do the honor of picking my topic and what they came up with was quite good but I am not sure if my opinion on eye lashes, or hidden treasure in California would benefit anyone. When brainstorming my niece asked... "Well, are you a dumb blogger? Or a serious blogger?" 

Which kicked it off.... I am not really sure, some days I plan to write about sex trafficking, and starving children with no shoes, but most the time I find myself actually leaning toward "dumb" blogging. 

I often feel that if I get too in depth with serious topics, my heart starts to leap out with my words and I become quite too attached to my opinion. With that, I have decided I need to get a good balance of "dumb" and serious stuff out there...

Today's writing is a light blogging day. I plan to write on some topics when I get  a chance to sit and ponder a little more. We are off to church, and life is about to slow down soon... I can't tell you how excited I am. Church on wednesday nights is going to break, school will end, and the sun will be out longer. So right now summer is the prize I am holding out for. 

I am going to focus on having a FUN summer... I plan on doing some major soul searching as my children prepare to be in Kindergarten and 2nd grade. Just as their lives are moving forward, I plan to move mine forward too! I look forward to using my blog as a brainstorming outlet. I am sure ideas and new epiphanies will be gracing it's presence. Here is the Summer plan! 

Not Complaining 

Summer Scripture: Philippians 2:14 - Do everything without complaining or arguing. 
This summer we are going to work on enjoying life where God has us... 

I have been finding myself in 

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