Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring Break To do’s!

Spring break is one week away and I am so excited! :) I have put together a short list of what we plan to do! Let us know what your plans are!

Painting Party! - Not really a party, but I want to get a couple of pieces done for our student show, I will be setting up our back porch with canvases for the girls and me. I will post pics of our masterpieces here!

Swimming! - I plan to take the girls swimming at least once, since the weather has been so nice.

Videos! - I have neglected my channel, I plan to stock 5 new videos to get me through to the summer! I will post them every Monday :)

Skating! - We are apart of a skating program that school just gets too much in the way of, we plan to utilize it this week!

I think 4 fun things will be time consuming enough without getting too overwhelmed! I am working on some fun summer bucket lists that are printable! :) Look for them in the next week. 

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