Saturday, April 5, 2014

“NOAH" Review

Well, after all the hoopla from countless bad reviews, my husband and I chose to see Noah last night for date night. Although the last 2 minutes were cut off by us having to leave early due to our child being sick “AGAIN” we had some major opinions on the movie, that don’t quite align with all the bloggers, reviewers and what not…

1st and foremost, I would say… GO SEE IT… BEFORE- you judge it! Just as Christians who don’t read the bible and preach it are annoying, so are people telling people not to see a movie they have never seen…

You will not be a sinner just because you see a “fake” Bible story on the big screen… I was actually glad to see there was no nudity, and sexual content as there easily could have been…

Now…. A lot of people had the following problems with the movie - Stone People, Noah taking “drugs” to get the vision from God, Someone breaking into the boat, Promotion of Evolution, and a few more things.

Here is the problem with people saying this movie doesn’t align with the bible, the movie fabricates part of the story where there is none. We don’t actually know what happened on the boat, or by the people while the boat was being built, but the makers of this movie threw in some “Fun” ideas of their own. We all KNOW this isn’t the TRUTH but it is fun to sometimes think possibilities to fill in the gaps. This isn’t saying we should believe it, just fun to wonder. For all we know stone light people could have been there :)

Now there are some things in the story that were bent, like the fact that Ham and Jephath didn’t have wives. Also the boys were very young, and seeing as Noah was 600 when he built the ark, I doubt the boys were teens. I think the writer did this to accentuate the preciousness of how dwindled life actually had become.

BUT… Here are some cool things the movie DID acknowledge and stayed true to...

- Methuselah… His name means “When you die, it will come” He was the oldest living person in the bible, surpassing a few generations of men… I thought it was cool that the movie touched on the importance of him as a character. To have him literally die when the waters came, was very cool. No the bible never says he drugged Noah, or craved berries, but yet again, fun to imagine.

- Noah a drunkard - I thought for sure the story would end with a happy rainbow over the ark hitting land and that would be the end… but to see that the movie touched on the small portion of the bible some people overlook, is that it wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine for Noah after his journey. He became a drunkard. Can you imagine being the man who was “responsible” for the death of all mankind? You may go crazy and want to kill your own family too…. JUST saying

Here is a snippet of a blogger that if he didn’t walk out after 90 minutes might have seen otherwise...

"2. The film promotes Evolution instead of Creation!!! How is this even possible in a Biblical movie? Noah sits down to share the story of creation to his family once again and the film shows how creatures of the ocean appeared, eventually turned into lizards, dinosaurs, apes, and finally humans. Nowhere does it mention that man was created in God’s own image.” 

The movie actually says after animals evolved that GOD CREATED MAN the day after animals, and the descendant of Cain in the movie uses the line “I am a man created in your image.”

NOW - Here is something the same blogger said himself - The movie was written by an Atheist, well good job Mr. Atheist, you just got many people talking about the bible, and watching portions of the truth that just may result in them reading the bible…

MESSAGE: LOVE WINS - Even an Atheist found a positive message in the story, “Hermione” says it, that in order for Mankind to survive, Love had to win… and He did :)

Overall, yes the movie was a very “Hollywood" version of NOAH, but the overall execution of the movie was not as bad as I had heard.

And we had a GREAT DATE NIGHT :)


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