Monday, June 15, 2015

Raise Grateful Kids This Summer


I don't know if you have ever experienced this or if it is just a Gift from God today, but I woke up to children proclaiming their room was clean, the playroom was almost finished and they were starting on the dishes next... Now, I know I stayed up until 1:30 this morning working on some projects, but was I so exhausted I was warping their words into what I wished they were saying? NOPE - I heard it right, my kids, without my prompting, woke up and started cleaning the house while I was asleep...

Are you ready to hear how I brainwashed them? Ok take notes...

First and foremost - I prayed... Which took me a while to account this toward what was actually happening. You see, I am reading The Power of a Praying Wife and really starting to pray for my marriage and in it it speaks of how we need to pray for our husbands as easily as we do for our children... UH Duh, I always pray for my children's health and safety... BUT, I have never (Yes confession) prayed for the way they see me and my life, to respect me as they grow to become Godly women. I just always assumed they would learn this from the way I live, not actually seeing that God can reveal these things because quite frankly, I am not always the perfect example.

SO - With that, I am chalking this up to it's a miracle, literally, and telling you the next steps on my behalf.

"MONDAY'S ARE CLEANING DAYS" - Summer started on a Thursday for my kids and I stated and re-stated, that as much fun as we were having, Monday was coming and Monday's are cleaning days. So our first Monday came around and I woke my kids up to a hefty list of all the things I do on Mondays. I explained to them that I don't do ANYTHING until this list is complete, and the cleaner we are during the week the easier this list gets checked off.

So we spent our first Monday cleaning the entire house from top to bottom including Laundry, dusting and all the other "fun" things I usually do while they are tucked away in school. They were exhausted but we still managed to finish with time to hit the pool. This 1st Monday was a little bitter sweet because as it all got done, the kids still complained and were persistent on trying to scrape by without helping very much.

The week went by, and we had a blast, but the words "Monday's are cleaning days" still fit into the mix. - I began to pray that as the week went by that my kids would feel blessed that they had the means to swim, play with friends, and other fun things. I really did begin to see a difference and Monday came...

It's our 2nd Monday of the summer, and you know what Monday's are... Yup "Monday's are cleaning days" - I was actually pretty lenient on the messes this week so the kids could get the full weight of not picking up after themselves meant for Mondays... but it didn't faze them. They woke up like little agents on a mission to tackle the list as quickly as possible.

So if you are struggling with feeling unappreciated this summer just know - You are worth more than Rubies, and God sees your work and struggle and wants to help you. Call out to him all who are weary and He will give you rest. Have patience and perseverance but remember they are kids, it might take a little picking up after them because they don't do it exactly right, but praise them and reward them with love, words and maybe even a little treat :)... We are off to get some Ice Cream and hit this gym... See you Next Monday :)

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