Monday, December 21, 2015

Let's start Blogging... Again! :)

Well people, I am a hypocrite, and the first to admit it. I am constantly encouraging people to start a blog but yet here is my blog, sitting here, without a post since October. Of COURSE you guys see my weekly doses of fun over on youtube, but HEY! My blog is important too right?

WELL ---- Here is what I have found so amazing about blogs... They are awesome to read! I have spent a fair share reading blogs in the last week or 2 than I even have in my life after "What the heck is a blog?" Stage... So with that, I am trying to share as many awesome things as I find with others and will be doing so here! As much as I can.... (They seriously have some awesome tips out there guys!)

With that! You may have noticed I am on the MILLENNIAL MOMS <<<< Click it! You know you want to! - We just hit 50K Subscribers and have only been up for less than a month! Woo Hoo! I am beyond stoked (Is it still cool to use that word?) to be apart of this project by Mindy from CUTE GIRLS HAIRSTYLES, with over 3.9 MILLION < YES, Million! Subscribers herself, we are on a mission to become the best momma hub on youtube! Did I say I was stoked? UH DUH!

OKAY So the top blogs I found this morning - Which isn't saying much as I only read one article... but it was AWESOME, was this! Do you feel like you are battling a little mess in every corner?

Here is the awesome article I read this morning :) Check it out and then check out this awesome one on how to create a stress free Christmas, since those are hard to come by these days...


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