Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Merry Christmas from A REAL LIFE Glimpse into a Hectic day!

Well, I am photographer... If you didn't know. I have photographer friends, so we generally swap family photos each year and we get amazing results and yeah.... So this year, I wanted to make sure to let you know how to make sure you get a PERFECT family shot just for the holidays. FYI - I hate being on this end of the camera... (CLEARLY)

IF you are a horrible parent like I am and don't have a dog... Steal one by kindly offering to dog sit a friends dog for the weekend. (Make sure to plan it right in the middle of family photos) Meet Zoro :)

THEN, choose a sweater for your husband that he would NEVER wear, Even though I think he looked absolutely adorable in it :)

THEN TRY EVERYTHING IN YOUR POWER TO SPEAK ONLY NICE WORDS TO YOUR CHILDREN! I repeat, this is where it can all go down hill... Because you would hate for your children to fight over the dog right before the photographer friend gets there (You may have even had 11 photoshoots that morning and been over talking to kids in a sweet tone) Do it anyway!!! 

Exhibit A - How it can all turn in a split second...

If this happens, the show MUST go on, you MUST take family picture for documentation of how "big" everyone is getting this year... So keep trying... Even though it won't work. Bribe, lie, throw all of your parenting tactics out the window, the picture MUST be taken... Just know it probably won't work...

AND if it completely fails, own up to the fact that you are just another ordinary family, with ordinary bad days, you just so happened to capture it all in the moment. 

So from our family to yours, we love you and hope you had a fabulous year! This has been an amazing year for our family as lots of things are wrapping up and starting for us. Can't wait for 2016! 



  1. You have a beautiful family! I am new to your blog. I found you thru millennial moms and am now subscribed to your channel!

  2. What a great family get-together it was. Anyways, I would like to hire a music band for my Christmas party this year and planning to give it in one of venues in Los Angeles. I know this is too early but I think we need to start early for a successful event.